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Tokina Lens Reviews

Tokina 300mm f2_8-5956

Tokina AT-X 300mm f2.8 SD

Tokina atx124afprodx

Tokina AT-X Pro 12-24 DX

Tokina atx107dx

Tokina AT-X 10-17 DX

Tokina, is a very old and famous name among lens makers. Although Tokina are still going strong, they have been without a distributor in the UK for a few years. Thankfully that has changed and Tokina lenses are now available again, so it’s time we had a Tokina lens review section. 

Most Tokina lenses are priced higher than their Sigma or Tamron equivalents, but are of a higher build quality, more in line with manufacturers’ own lenses rather than the cheaper alternatives. Some Tokina lenses feel positively old fashioned, but not in a bad way, with more weight and more metal in their construction than is usual nowadays.

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