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Sigma 90mm f 2.8 AF Macro

Tested with a Fuji S2 Pro

This test is on an older Sigma 90mm f2.8 macro lens which, although very much designed as a film camera lens,   performs extremely well on both my Nikon and Fuji S2 bodies. In fact this is one of the sharpest lenses I’ve used with digital - with portraits the Sigma 90mm macro is maybe even a wee bit too sharp at times. Not every person benefits from that amount of sharp detail.

It’s only real drawback is a considerably cooler color rendition than my Nikon lenses but with digital that’s not exactly a huge problem. Build quality is excellent, with only the smooth and narrow  manual focus ring to complain about. Although classed as a macro lens it doesn’t actually focus down to 1:1 with film, but with digital SLR cameras the focal length multiplier takes you most of the way there. I bought this lens on ebay and it didn’t come with Sigma’s usual lens hood, but as the front element is well recessed that hasn’t been a problem.

Overall this is an excellent lens, and feels so well made that the main concern, if you get hold of one, is with compatibility - especially with Canon DSLR’s - check that it does function correctly with your camera before you buy. I’ve found that older Sigma lenses are usually OK with Nikon or Sony /Minolta, but not always with Canon.

The Sigma 90mm f2.8 AF Macro  is a really good lens, well worth a search on ebay for one of these or the 50mm version.

Test Images

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