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Sigma 20mm f 1.8 EX DG

Test Results

As mentioned already  there was a marked difference between results from this lens with the Fuji S2 Pro and the Nikon D70 - so I’ve published both. All results below were processed from raw files with Photoshop CS2 and given exactly the same amount of sharpening. 

Full frame 20mm f 1.8 Nikon D70

20mm f1_8 full frame

Nikon D70                        Fuji S2 Pro

All crops below are sections of the test image at full size - 100%

D70 f1_8
Fuji S2 f1_8

20mm f 1.8 centre

Fuji S2 f1_8 corner
D70 f1_8 corner

20mm f 1.8 corner

D70 f5_6 Fuji S2 5_6

20mm f 5.6 centre

D70 f5_6 corner Fuji S2 f5_6 corner

20mm f 5.6 corner

Nikon D70                                         Fuji S2 Pro


Used with Nikon bodies this returned superb results but if you’re a Fuji S2 or S3 owner - look elsewhere.  Beautifully made - it’s a great performer with Nikon DSLRs.

Recommended for Digital

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