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Lens Tests and Reviews

Camera RAW Software Reviews

Which RAW software is best for you?
the answer depends on the camera you’re using
Canon EOS 5D        Canon 20D / 30D         Canon EOS 40D
Canon EOS 50D         Canon EOS 7D       Nikon D70 / D70S
Nikon D90         Nikon D300         Fuji S2 Pro

Canon EOS 5D digital SLR camera

 Photo Printer Reviews

Epson Stylus Photo R1800 inkjet printer

Which inkjet photo printers and papers are the best? Tests of Canon, HP and Epson inkjet photo printers and papers. Photo Paper Reviews Which papers work with which printer? How long will your prints last? Photo Paper Fade Tests  Should you use Cheap Ink?   Can you Reset Epson Ink Cartridges?

Photo Paper Tests

Photo Paper Fade Test Results


Bristow 37 Charlie1Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a professional photographer?

Read the ProBlog to find out what it’s really like. Believe me it’s not quite as glamorous as most photo magazine interviews would have you believe. Or as well paid. In fact getting paid is part of the problem. Don’t give up the day job until you’ve read the ProBlog.

But if you’re totally addicted to photography as I am - There’s no other life.


Nikon : Notes on lens Compatibility plus tests on Nikon 18-55 VR   Nikon 55-200 VR  and Nikon 18-105 VR

  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3,   Adobe Photoshop CS5 Canon DPP and Capture One 5 reviews

Individual RAW reviews for: Canon EOS 20D / 30D   Canon EOS 40D   Canon EOS 50D   Canon EOS 7D

I’ve also added a RAW file compatibility page  -- You’ve just bought a new digital SLR but Photoshop / Elements etc won’t open your files. Here’s why and what to do about it.  More

Problog :  This is a new section for longer blog posts - an attempt at a better answer to About the Author, although that’s here too. Also there’s now a Camera Club section for DSLR beginners.

DSC_3359 Bristow Tiger2Lots of new and updated content : is expanding. I’m in the process of adding lots of new content and updating existing pages. The biggest changes are in the RAW Darkroom area where I’ve added RAW file tests for 4 more cameras and changed the format of the tests. Looking at the statistics for the site, only a very small percentage of visitors look at the pages of sample crops, while the most popular search that brings people there is “What RAW software is best for my camera?”  As a result, the new format is much more camera orientated and instead of pages of test crops, I’ve added a page of suggested settings for the best two packages with each camera. I’ve also separated and added to the ProBlog part of the site and added an area called Camera Club for DSLR newbies - I’m an active member of my local camera club which is a great place to meet and learn from other photographers, and this will aim to answer the basic questions everyone has when they’re getting started with that shiny new digital SLR camera. I’m even starting to add some Tripod reviews.                          Reviews  

Which Lens? Which Software? Which Printer will give you the best photographs?

Helping you answer these questions is what is about.

As a freelance pro photographer I’ve always tested everything I use. I have to, I simply can’t afford to find out as I go along. Most of the time I have seconds to capture the best images, so I need to know what works, and more importantly what doesn’t. So I’m a test addict. While I always used to share the results with a few friends, mostly they stayed in folders and filing cabinets. That always seemed a huge waste. There were bound to be other photographers out there asking exactly the same questions, so was born.

I hope you find the tests and reviews here help you towards better pictures.

David Gold

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