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Which is the best RAW Conversion Software?

Canon EOS 5D digital cameraIf you shoot RAW you want the best, but which RAW conversion software is best for your digital SLR camera’s RAW files?


RAW Software Reviews

Which is the best software for processing RAW files?

The short answer to this question for most digital SLR camera users is Lightroom.

That’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to give its full name. Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements also use the same RAW processing engine so will give identical results with Photoshop, and very similar images with Photoshop Elements which has fewer options.

My own second choice is Capture One which at the moment outperforms Lightroom in some areas, such as absolute sharpness, but the difference is very small and Capture One lacks most of Lightroom’s killer features unless you buy Capture One Pro, which is much more expensive.

Third choice for me is DxO - Where Adobe Photoshop Lightroom really needs your attention to get the best out of it, DxO tries to automate much of the process. This generally gives good results, particularly with lens corrections and noise reduction. The downside is when you want to interfere, it can be harder to use than Lightroom.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Review

RAW Software Reviews - by Camera

Which RAW software is best for you?
the answer depends on the camera you’re using

Canon EOS 5D           Canon EOS 20D         Canon EOS 30D            Canon EOS 40D

Canon EOS 50D               Canon EOS 7D             Nikon D70 / D70S


RAW Software Updates

Is your RAW software up to date?

Check out our RAW Updates page to see if you’re running the latest version.

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