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Nikon AF 80-200mm f2.8 ED

Test Results

Full Aperture Sharpness is excellent even at f2.8 - there’s a little softness in the corner at 200mm but really the quality shines through even at full aperture. No hint of a blue fringe anywhere either.

All crops below are sections of the test images at full size - 100%

Nikon 80_200 _DSC5599 80 2_8 ctr03 Nikon 80_200 _DSC5600 80 2_8 corner02

centre                             80mm f 2.8                        corner  

Nikon 80_200 _DSC5605 110 2_8 corner
Nikon 80_200 _DSC5604 110 2_8 ctr

centre                            110mm f 2.8                          corner

Nikon 80_200  _DSC5607 200 2_8 corner02
Nikon 80_200 _DSC5606 200 2_8 ctr02

centre                             200mm f 2.8                        corner

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