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Nikon AF 35-105mm f3.5 - 4.5

Test Results

Tested with a Fuji S2 Pro

This test is one from my archive, so uses the older test subject.

Overall performance is good rather than great in terms of sharpness - at full aperture, edges are quite soft, and backlit details are very soft, so this would make quite a good portrait lens as the image quality overall and focal length range would suit that well. I’d have to say that of all the mid range Nikon zooms I’ve owned this one got used least, simply because there was an obviously better alternative, which was smaller, sharper and available used for much the same price. Although this is a nice lens it doesn’t really perform that well with digital. The better option?

Nikon’s 28-70 3.5-4.5 AFD

All crops below are sections of the test images at full size - 100%

DSCF4384 Nik 35-105 35 3_5 centre DSCF4384 Nik 35-105 35 3_5 corner

center                                     35mm f 3.5                             corner

DSCF4385 nikon 35_105 35 5_6 corner
DSCF4385 35 5_6 centre

center                                       35mm f 5.6                                  corner

DSCF4387 Nikon 35_105 50 3_8 corner
DSCF4387 50 3_8 center

center                                    50mm f 3.8                                  corner

DSCF4388 Nikon 35_105 50 5_6 corner
DSCF4385 35 5_6 centre02

center                                    50mm f 5.6                                  corner


This is a nice lens - it feels good to use, but performance is not that great with digital. Central performance is perfectly OK but the overall feel of images is soft. Now if you’re in the market for a softish portrait lens then go for it. Otherwise the newer Nikon 28-70 3.5-4.5 is a better option - but for a standard zoom lens for your Nikon or Fuji DSLR there is only one option - the Nikon 18-70 DX.

Not recommended for digital

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