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Nikon 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 AF-D

Test Results

Full Aperture :  This is from my archive and was the first lens I tested with digital - with my then brand new Fuji S2 Pro, so apologies for the inconsistencies with this test. Hopefully there is still some useful information here. Central sharpness is pretty good even at full aperture. There is some softness in the corners but a nice dose of Nikon crispness in the centre field.

Tested with a Fuji S2 Pro

All crops below are sections of the test images at full size - 100%

DSCF4399 28-70 28 3_5 corner02
DSCF4399 28-70 28 3_5 center

centre                             28mm f 3.5                        corner

DSCF4403 50 4_202
DSCF4403 50 4_2 corner02

centre                            50mm f 4.2                          corner

DSCF4325 70 4_5 corner02
DSCF4325 70 4_503

centre                            70mm f 4.5                        corner

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