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Nikon AF-S 18-70mm f3.5-4.5G ED  DX

Test Results

Sharpness in the center of the frame at all focal lengths is very good to excellent and stopped down it gets even better. However it’s not perfect - There is a lot of distortion at the wide end of the range. If you look at the test pictures you’ll see that at 18mm the houses change size and shape when they’re placed in the corner of the frame.

CENTER                                                                CORNER

All crops below are sections of the test images at full size - 100%

Nikon 18_70 _DSC5586 18 3_5 corner03
Nikon 18_70 _DSC5585 18 3_5 ctr03

center                             18mm f 3.5                        corner

Nikon 18_70 _DSC5596 18 5_6 corner03
Nikon 18_70 _DSC5595 18 5_6 ctr03

center                             18mm f 5.6                        corner

Nikon 18_70_DSC9163 38 4_2  ctr02 Nikon 18_70_DSC9165 38 4_2 corner02

center                             38mm f 4.2                        corner

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