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Nikon 18-70 AFS f3.5-4.5 DX

When Nikon released this lens Canon had already launched the 300D with their very lightweight plastic mount EFS 18-55mm. Nikon obviously decided on a different route. Where the Canon lens adds only $ 80 / £ 50 to the body price, this lens adds $250 / £ 200.  In that case you’d expect the Nikon 18-70 AFS DX to be the better lens and you’d be right. Whenever you pick this up it impresses with the quality of construction - it looks and feels well made and it comes with a metal mount and a proper petal shaped bayonet fit lens hood. I think Nikon got the balance of cost v quality just right with this lens. They judged - I think correctly - that anyone paying for a DSLR expected a quality product and good results - and for that you need a good lens. Nikon also got the focal length and speed parts of the equation right. 18-70mm is equivalent to about 28 - 105mm with a 35mm SLR. That covers probably 95% of most people’s needs in one lens.  Of course none of that would matter if the performance was a let down, but it isn’t. Sharpness and resolution are very, very good. At f 5.6 - f11 results are excellent, but even full aperure at 18mm is very good with good sharpness and no huge fall off at the edges. I really like this lens.  If you’re trying to decide which DSLR system to go with and don’t have a bag full of lenses already - buy this lens with Nikon’s D50 or D70s and you won’t be disappointed!

Test Images

Canon v Nikon Test

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Fuji SLR Note

I’ve also tested this lens with the Fuji S2 Pro and the results are excellent. Images are just as sharp as those from the Nikon D70. Not all nikon or sigma lenses seem to suit the Fuji Super CCD but the Nikon 18-70 certainly does. The high speed AF-S autofocus is also a huge benefit. So if you’re looking for a standard zoom for your Fuji S2 Pro or Fuji S3 Pro and can’t quite justify the Nikon 18-50 f2.8 - Look no further - this is it.

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