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The 10mp Canon EOS 40D may only have seemed like a mild update to the 8mp Canon EOS 20D and 30D but it’s a great camera. Canon’s later experience with the 50D showed that a conservative approach was probably correct, and if you try to get hold of a secondhand Canon EOS 40D you’ll find that they command a good price.

Although the Canon EOS 40D has slightly more high ISO noise than the 20D or 30D really it’s only of academic interest. Images from the 40D are bright and crisp with most packages, and useable all the way up to the camera’s 3200 ISO maximum with all of the RAW conversion software tested.  Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional (DPP) which come free with the camera is excellent, especially if you download the latest update, but, as with the other Canon Digital SLRs I’ve tested, at higher iSOs there is an obvious winner - Lightroom / ACR.

Second place is once again split between Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and DxO Optics Pro. DxO is slightly better overall with the Canon EOS 40D but there’s not much in it and DPP is free, where DxO isn’t. If you need the optical corrections DxO provides it’s a great package, but if you’re going to buy anything, I’d go for Lightroom.



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