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How to get the best out of Canon EOS 20D or 30D RAW files

The Canon EOS 20D DSLR has a lot to answer for. I was a happy Nikon user who tested the opposition once a year to make sure my Nikons were better - Unfortunately the much cheaper, lightweight Canon EOS 20D outperformed them all and in the end I gave up ignoring the evidence and “went Canon”. OK a Nikon D2X or D200 was much better built, but purely in terms of image quality at high ISOs the 20D was better.

The only really significant difference between the Canon EOS 20D and the Canon EOS 30D is the nice big screen on the back of the 30D, so for RAW testing purposes the two cameras are identical. Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional (DPP) which come free with the camera is excellent, but, as with the other Canon Digital SLRs I’ve tested, there is an obvious winner - Lightroom  / ACR.

Second place is once again split between Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and DxO Optics Pro. At low ISO’s - up to 200 DPP produces lovely smooth results, while DxO is very slightly better at high ISOs with the Canon EOS 30D but there’s not much in it and DPP is free, where DxO isn’t. If you need the optical corrections DxO provides it’s a great package, but if you’re going to buy anything, I’d go for Lightroom.

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