Canon Digital Photo Professional v3.8

Update Available:  Canon DPP v 3.9.2 is now available, and apart from support for the new Canon D60 it also adds an “unsharp mask” option to the the usual “sharpness” option. It just keeps getting better.  Update

Canon DPP is supplied with all Canon DSLR cameras and is a much better package than most manufacturer’s offerings. If you’re still using an old version, make sure you download the latest version.

See the camera based reviews for specific comments on DPP with individual Canon DSLRs.

Overall layout isn’t great - both the preview window and the control panel float over the main browser window.

Canon DPP screen capture

Canon Digital Photo Professional has come on a lot over the last couple of years. Although it has always been the best “free with the camera” software provided by any manufacturer, it used to lack major components like noise reduction and a straightening tool. With version 3.8.1 all of these shortcomings have been addressed and Canon Digital Photo Professional, or DPP, is now an excellent package in it’s own right.

The main remaining drawback is the slightly clunky layout, but if you’re not processing hundreds of images even that isn’t a huge headache. When you open DPP the layout has a simple browser on the left with a page full of previews on the right. So far so good. Unfortunately , to process an image, double clicking on it opens a whole new preview window which floats over the browser, and a separate window with all the adjustment controls. So to process a single image you end up with three windows open on your desktop. It’s very clumsy and slow, and they all have to be closed again to select the next image. There is a built in batch option, where, rather than processing and saving each image as you adjust them, you can just make all the adjustments then select all and go and have a cup of coffee while DPP converts and saves the batch. Not what you’d call cutting edge, so, In terms of workflow, DPP’s way behind the best of the competition, but really that’s about all the bad news.

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